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Light STAX

Light STAX – Light up your play!

Light STAX finally brings LED light to the world of LEGO®. It started off with a DUPLO® compatible size called “Light STAX Junior” that has been on the market since the end of 2014. Light STAX Junior won several awards and is already a great success in Germany and the United States of America. We are delighted to announce the new version which is compatible with LEGO® and other toy bricks of the same size. With high expectations, the new Light STAX were launched on the shelves in The Netherlands and Germany in October 2016. Global release to follow in 2017. This could very well be the toy surprise for this year’s high season.

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How does Light STAX work?

LIight STAX light up when stacked and connected to USB Power or a Mobile Power Battery Brick. You can build just like any toy brick brand. A connection of only one stud between LightSTAX is already enough to pass on the light. The 2×4 Power STAX and 4×4 Mobile Power Bricks have both a micro USB connector and a button to control 3 light functions: instant on, blinking and fading. Besides that, there is more good news as there is no need for replacing the batteries!

Light STAX comes in many colors and can be used stand alone to build amazing light structures. But it can also be used to light up your LEGO® creation. Be it to light up a house, a car with flashing lights, a fire or anything a kid can imagine with light.

The benefits of Light STAX

Before bringing this product onto the market we did a lot of tests to see how kids play with it. The results were marvelous. Building with light is really inviting and brings a completely new playing experience. At the start the new STAX System will consist of 2×2 and 2×4 LED bricks in a lot of colors (both solid and transparent ), an extension cable, a 2×2 Power STAX for use with a USB cable and a 4×4 Mobile Power STAX Battery Brick. This system will be constantly expanded within the years to come. In 2017 we expect sound STAX, motor STAX and sensor STAX. This clearly is a product with a very bright future!

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