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Brandtraders: specialist in high end construction toys

Brandtraders is a global distributor with The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany as home markets. We assist retailers in sourcing toys that stand out in originality and quality with a healthy margin. We love products with a story that stimulate creativity and collaborative play.

Brandtraders is always searching for fresh toy concepts and likes to enhance those ideas. We work together with major toy designers and manufacturers in getting new products on the market. This results in innovative releases that allow retailers to rise above the crowd.


Brandtraders sees LEGO® as an operating system

LEGO® has never been more popular and that is for a reason! It has been passed down from generation to generation and stimulates creativity. It is one of the few toys that keeps kids away from their screens. We love LEGO® and our sister companies are major LEGO® specialists in the Netherlands and Germany.

As distributor we see LEGO® and comparable toy bricks as an operating system. A system that can be enhanced with third party products (similar to the way smartphone apps are used) that add features and new ways to play.


Amazing brands that will drive your sales

We always wondered why LEGO® does so little with (LED) lighting. That’s why we bring you Light STAX, LED bricks that light up when stacked on top of the included powerbrick. Needless to say that they fit seamlessly on LEGO®, DUPLO®, MEGA BLOKS and other major toy bricks.

Brikkon connects the best of both worlds by combining the use of wooden and plastic toys. Look how cute and playable it is!

That’s not it. Alongside our already interesting range of products, there is much more to come.

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