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Apitor SuperBot

Creative & Educational Building Block Toy

Kids can build, code and control 18 different robots and get inspired to build even more. SuperBot is a great toy and fits perfectly into STEAM education. Kids learn how to create, build and program while playing.

Apitor SuperBot is an 18-in-1 Robot kit. It includes 400+ building blocks, 1 control unit with 4 multicolor LED lights, 2 Infrared Sensors and 2 DC motors. Kids can build and rebuild 18 cool Robots, like a Jeep, Cars, Tiger, Music Box, Parking System, Delivery Man, Chariot, Telegraph Machine, Drawing Robot and more. A perfect gift for 8+ year old boys and girls.

With the free Apitor Robot iOS and Android app, kids can control anything they build with the Apitor control unit in all directions, plus program it as well! The app requires an iOS or Android phone or tablet, that is not included.

With the graphical drag and drop coding interface (included in the app), kids easily learn how to program their robot to follow lines, avoid obstacles, detect distance, control LED lights and more. The Apitor Robot app contains step-by-step instructions. Moreover, kids develop logical thinking and creative problem-solving skills while playing with the Apitor SuperBot.

Kids can combine the Apitor Robot kit with their existing building blocks to create new and more powerful Robots, and use the Apitor control unit with the app to control and program their own creations!

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