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Automoblox – Wooden cars

Automoblox are car constructions made from wood with plastic components. It started off when the inventor Patrick Calello was challenged to develop a new consumer product for the do-it-yourself wooden hobby industry.

How does Automoblox work?

Each car consists of wooden and plastic components, which can easily be taken apart in order to create a new vehicle. Automoblox are sold as complete cars that comes with a plastic passenger and can be disassembled afterwards to use for new car creations. The cars can be customized using different parts together, which gives the children freedom into creating endless car models.

The benefits of Automoblox

As the cars are made from different parts, children are able to create own cars according to their own imagination. Therefore it gives them unlimited joy and creativity. The cars are easily put together as they are taken apart. This inspires the children to be challenged in using their skills to assemble their ideal cars.

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