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Brikkon – wooden building plates

Brikkon are wooden boards designed to be built on with LEGO®. The idea behind Brikkon is that kids are increasingly used to “instant gratification” online and hence find it difficult to build freely. With LEGO® their play is often limited to one-time building of a specified creation, following the instructions included in the pack. Brikkon on the other hand is meant as “story starter”, offering an instant playworld but at the same time stimulating kids to build creatively on top of that. Brikkon extends the play experience of building bricks!

Three lines: Brikkon World, Design and Big Bricks

In 2018 Brikkon introduces a new product line: Brikkon World. A Tower, a Bridge and a House together create a new city, a new world to “brick on”! Every object can be put together in many ways, or combined with others. Of course we continue with our current Brikkon Design line: including the Tree House, the Castle, the Ninja Temple and the Spaceship. The parts of all Brikkons fit together and provide endless play options. Besides Brikkons for regular bricks,
we also have Brikkon Big Bricks for our youngest builders. Currently we offer a Big Bricks House and Plane.

How does Brikkon work?

The Brikkon boards are wooden structures, specially made to combine with LEGO®. The wooden structures are easily put together. Besides the possibility to add LEGO®, you can also write and draw on the wood. Brikkon gives children more freedom in how to play with their construction toys.

The benefits of Brikkon

Each design come in an elegant pack, that easily fits through the mailbox. With very simple instructions, the structures are put together and your kid is ready to play. Brikkon is playable in itself and an extension to the LEGO® collection in most homes. It gives building bricks a new life with more creative purpose.


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