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FabBRIX A Construction Toy like no Other

A construction toy like no other…

Strengthen skill, coordination, creativity and imagination, discover and invent possibilities and above all … YOURSELF!

FabBRIX are compatible with other construction toy bricks; adding something special to the mix: the material.

The solid natural wood bricks are biodegradable, and are made with wood from FSC certified forests: FabBRIX is respectful of the environment and children.

No need to buy it all to take full advantage of FabBRIX! Our bricks are fully compatible with the classic bricks of other major construction toy brands.

Our unique, extremely precise manufacturing process ensures full compatibility and guarantees perfectly identical parts that fit.

FabBRIX are made from age-old material and yet we continue to innovate!

It was our desire to go further that allowed us to develop tools capable of producing high quality pieces of raw wood.

This same desire led us to the creation of exclusive double-sided pieces!

They allow 360 ° constructions and further push the limits of the imagination!

Adding a touch of madness is the key to everything! You will find a sheet of fun and unique stickers to personalize your constructions in every FabBRIX box.

Particularly suitable for crazy monsters and cute animals, the stickers will be the final touch of your creation!

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