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Foooty – The ball that fits in every pocket

Create your own football, rugby, frisbee and much more! Foooty is the new play sensation from the hart of Amsterdam. This Dutch product is developed by Apollo 11 and was a huge Kickstarter success in 2016. The Foooty gives you the freedom to play anywhere you want! Make your creations in the park, in the pool, or on the go. After the game you simply take the Foooty apart and bring it back home in your pocket.

How does Foooty work?

You build the Foooty by using the unique and patented SMART FOOOTY clicking system. You make the ball in no-time by sliding the flexible elements together. You can also create all sorts of other shapes like a rugby ball, a frizz bee, or even a rocket! Watch the videos on to see what others have already created!

The benefits of Foooty

You can take the Foooty anywhere. It will easily fit your suitcase to bring it on your holidays, it’s so compact that it even fits your pocket. Foooty is made of durable materials to minimize the carbon footprint. This material is strong enough to take a pounding, yet it’s light and flexible. And if there’s wind, just put a T-shirt in it to give it more weight. Due to its unique construction, the foooty will never leak: you’ll never have to bring a pump either.

The Foooty comes in eight different colours, even including glow in the dark!

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