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GIGI Bloks

GIGI Bloks – Giant buidling blocks

GIGI Bloks has endless possibilities when it comes to building with blocks. These giant blocks lets you make everything you’ve ever dreamed of. GIGI Bloks gives kids the opportunities to make life-size creations, such as castles, ships, dragons and more.

How does GIGI Bloks work?

The building blocks are made from cardboard and arrive unfolded in their original package. With simple folding instructions you can make solid building blocks that fit seamlessly to each other. GIGI Bloks have different sizes and dimensions. The big blocks are the ultimate starters, which are double unit blocks (13cm x 6,5 cm x 6,4 cm). The giant blocks comes in two sizes, single unit (10cm x 10cm x 10cm) and double unit blocks (20cm x 10cm x 10cm). Besides the fact that you can build anything you like, it is also possible to write, draw and stick creations onto the blocks. Therefore kids can build unlimited structures with their own imagination. The unique secret which made LEGO® famous.

The benefits of GIGI Bloks

The GIGI Bloks are made from recycled carton and therefore, environment friendly. Also, next to the freedom children have while playing and building with the blocks, GIGI Bloks also combines playing, learning and physical activities. By thinking logically, children use their imagination and mathematical skills in order to make their own life-size creations. Let their own creativity flow for never ending fun.

The products:

Giant Building Bloks – 100 Pieces (80 Double, 20 Single)
The giant bloks for the real deal.

Giant Building Bloks – 60Pieces (50 Double, 10 Single)
Taking the block size to the next level.

Big Building Bloks – 96 Pieces (96 Double)
The best one to extend the starters pack for more building freedom.

Big Building Bloks – 30 Pieces (30 Double)
The ultimate starters pack.

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