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Ikonic Toys

Ikonic Toys – wooden toys

Beautiful wooden toys with iconic designs, innovative functions and a very Dutch touch. Ikonic Toys sparks the creativity and imagination of children and motivates them to create their own story.

How does Ikonic Toys work?

Ikonic Toys are developed along different lines:

  1. Ikonic innovations: Transform your wooden railroad into a two-lane race track! A unique way to use the ubiquitous wooden rail tracks in a different way. Child’s play to the Max.
  2. Ikonic trains: Typical Dutch railroad sceneries and recognizable high speed trains from the Netherlands and other European countries.
  3. Ikonic Fiep: “Pluk van de Petteflet” is an iconic Dutch children’s book. Ikonic Toys brings the figures and scenes from this book (illustrated by Fiep Westendorp) to life.
  4. Ikonic designs: Famous Dutch designer Floris Hovers brings a collection of design cars recalling the visual language of the 1950s.

The benefits of Ikonic Toys

Ikonic Toys are not only well designed but they ooze quality. Their strong build makes them fit for generations of creative play.


This brand is distributed by BrandTraders Ikonic Toys Product image Kraanwagen Product image 2015-dr-toy-award-winner-wooden-race-track-ikonic-toys Product image Ikonic Toys houten politie auto ambulance brandweer Product image Holland Train Set