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LEGO® LED Light will light up your LEGO® world. There are several LED Lights, including the LEGO® Movie, Classic, Star Wars, DC Super Heroes, Chima, Friends and Ninjago themes. The LED lights come in different products, such as key chains, head lamps, desk lights, bedside lights and flashlights. Definitely the perfect product for the LEGO® fans. Brandtraders is a reseller for the complete range of LEGO® license items including LEGO® LED Lights.

This range includes:

  1. LEGO® Key Chains (Classic, Star Wars, LEGO® movie, DC Super Heroes, Friends, Chima, Ninjago)
  2. LEGO® Head Lamps (Star Wars, Classic, DC Super Heroes)
  3. LEGO® Desk/Bedside Lights (Star Wars)
  4. LEGO® Flashlights (DC Super Heroes, Star Wars, Classic)




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