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LEGO® Storage

LEGO® Storage is perfect for both store LEGO® and other products, as well as to take your food and drinks with you. There are plenty of storage possibilities with themes including: Classic, Friends, The LEGO® Movie, Ninjago, Dimensions and Chima. There is a varied selection to please every LEGO® fan. Brandtraders is a reseller for the complete range of LEGO® license items including LEGO® Storage.

This range includes:

  1. LEGO® Storage Bricks 1×1 (Classic, Friends, LEGO® Movie)
  2. LEGO® Storage Bricks 2×1 (Classic, Friends, LEGO® Movie)
  3. LEGO® Storage Bricks 2×2 (Classic)
  4. LEGO® Storage Bricks 2×4 (Classic, Friends, LEGO® Movie)
  5. LEGO® Storage head
  6. LEGO® Trashcan
  7. LEGO® Lunchboxes (Ninjago, Dimensions, Friends, Chima, LEGO® Movie)
  8. LEGO® Drinking bottle (Ninjago, LEGO® Movie, Chima, Friends, Classic, Square bricks)



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